A recap of our sixth semi-annual barbecue: 
1. Sadly Intan couldn't make it.
2. We had steak, ribs, donuts, fries, nuggets, salt and vinegar chips (which no one liked except for me), salad, dishes from Makassar (all thanks to Deshinta's mom!) and a chocolate cheese cake which Oji named as "The Diabetes". And yes he made it all by himself.
3. They threw me, Julian, Bisma and Bhaskara a birthday surprise hence the flour and eggs on our head and clothes. 
4. And last but not least, the horror movies we watched were Gonjiam (a Korean horror movie) and The Babadook.

x Saras



Finally back exploring places with my partner in documenting things, Janis Argeswara! The last time we did this was almost a year ago (click here to read post) - where we explored Pasar Santa, Caribou Coffee in Senopati and had satay at Grandlucky Superstore. This time we explored 4 places in Kemang. Initially we wanted to go to Honu for brunch, Mendjangan for lunch, browse through Aksara's book collections and last but not least check Dialogue out (although the two of us have been to Dialogue, we thought why not check their latest exhibition out). However it was a Monday (so Honu was closed) and merely a few days after eid (so Mendjangan was closed) and it so turns out that Aksara will only be opened in July, from that list we only went to Dialogue. We still did go to Honu, the next day however. But we did pay spontaneous visits to Gourmet for lunch (we ran out of ideas on where to eat because most of them were closed! We initially wanted to pay The Halal Boys a visit but it was still closed so Gourmet it is.) and a place called Ruang Seduh as we discovered that Aksara has yet to be opened. 


Janis and I met at a Circle K a few blocks away from Mendjangan and before heading to Gourmet for lunch, we decided to stop at where Aksara will be (Of course prior to our arrival we had cluelessly thought that the it was already open for business). As soon as we discovered that it has yet been opened (this always happens to us - we go to places at the wrong timing.) we decided to stay at a coffeeshop in the very same lot called Ruang Seduh. 

So as we arrived I ordered a glass of iced latte and a plate of donat kampung (honestly expected donut with icing sugar on top but what came out was a donut with sprinkles. It wasn't bad, nevertheless.) We found the place pretty comfy for studying and also light reading - a lot of the customers there were just sitting down with a book on one hand and a cup of coffee on another. We frankly wished we had brought our books too to do light reading of our own. A little intermezzo, I am currently aiming to finish my copy of And The Mountains Echoed by the end of this semester break. And so after I finished what I ordered, we drove to our second stop: Dialogue. 


Dialogue (Dia - Lo - Gue, "Dia" here must be such a third-wheeler. Haha, just kidding.) is probably widely-known by people. I mean it's not uncommon to see Instagram uploads of people taking OOTD pics and what not on the very iconic Dialogue staircase. We didn't order anything here but we did pay the gift shop a visit as well as their latest exhibition. Janis bought pouches for her friends as their birthdays are coming up. I laid my eyes on a pair of blue tassel earrings but ended up not buying them. 

The iconic staircase I was referring to. 
Top & Jeans from Uniqlo, slippers from Birkenstock 


Two stops and we were starting to feel very hungry. Not knowing where else to eat we decided to go to Ranch Market. Our first plan was to get some groceries and cook, but we thought why not see if Gourmet was open or not, and thankfully it was! I was honestly craving for Indonesian food or anything with rice, really - hence the reason why I was so excited to go to Mendjangan. So I ordered a plate of Bebek Goreng Sambal Ijo (Fried Duck with Green Sambal) and Janis ordered a plate of Salmon Fried Rice. 

The price was a little pricey. Forgot how much was Janis' meal but mine was around IDR 100.000. I wasn't expecting a big portion despite the price however as the waitress brought me my food, I was pretty surprised that the portion of the food was pretty filling. My meal was pretty good. I've always loved fried duck (especially Bebek Kaleyo!) and this one was pretty satisfying.

So before going back, we decided to shop for groceries anyway, for snacking at the apartment we were staying that night and some toiletries. Janis and I have been trying to change our lifestyle and be more health-conscious thus the salad and the juice. I still fail to change it completely from time-to-time. I mean I do still eat instant noodles, fast food and ice cream (hence the Milo Popsicle hehe) however I haven't been eating them as much as I did before and I think that's progress! 

After spending a night at the apartment, we went to Honu the next day for brunch. 


Flashback a few months ago: so there was a time in Augsut where I tried making my own poke bowl after classes. Mind you that I was a second year medical student on a budget so I picked the cheapest ingredients I could find at the supermarket. As a result, it didn't turn out to be so good. Appearance wise, I must say it looked edible however it was too salty and spicy for my liking. So, ever since then I was haunted by the taste and correlated how poke bowls taste with the one I made. I guess that is why I had never really craved for poke bowls. But after hearing reviews from my friends that Honu's poke bowls are to die for, and Janis also wanted to give Honu a try, I thought why not. 

I ordered their recommended Yugo bowl (it had salmon, wakame, edamame and japanese purple pickle and tobiko) and Janis ordered their Super Bowl, which was also what they recommended. We ordered our bowl with rice. We ordered them in small portion, which honestly wouldn't have been so filling if we hadn't had breakfast beforehand. I also ordered a cup of Hot Matcha Latte and Janis ordered a cup of Ginger Lemon Matcha which helped soothe her cough. My friends weren't lying, it was pretty good and it was obviously so much better than the one I made at home. Price-wise, Honu isn't very cheap (We spent around a total of IDR 90.000 each for food and drinks) but I personally thought it was worth the price considering how delicious the meal was. I guess a tip to leave the place with a full stomach is to order their large bowl (which is of course more expensive than the small one) or eat something at home beforehand. 

And so there you go, the places Janis and I went to last Monday and Tuesday. Hoping to do this again perhaps next year when we're not so busy and  Janis is back from Bali! 

x Saras