Happy eid my loves! I've always loved Eid for the opor ayam (Uti makes the best opor ayam. PERIOD), THR and of course what's most important is the compulsory family gathering(s). Although I always try to make time to attend family gatherings from both sides of the family, I almost always spend my first day of Eid Fitr with the paternal side of the family. My relatives and I would gather at my grandmother's place (whom we refer to as 'Uti'*) located in Bogor.

This year I spent malam takbiran at Uti's place, spent the night and did my Eid Prayer at Bogor, in a mosque not very far from her place the next morning and spent my first day of eid there until the evening. My family and I came back to hers the second day. And on that very same day my cousins and I explored coffeeshops in Bogor - which I had always wanted to do for a very, very long time. We went to three places however I will be only writing about two places we visited to because the third one was honestly rather disappointing and also, I didn't take pictures. 


First stop: Kopi Nako, located in Jl. Pajajaran - quite far away from Uti's house. Kopi Nako serves Tuku-esque coffee that is frankly slightly more expensive (the price of one cup is IDR 23.000) than Tuku itself. Serves food that is not unfamiliar to our tastebuds a.k.a the good ol' warung food we all love. 


Located in Jl. Ciheleut, only a few minutes drive from our previous destination - and of course this was thanks to how great the traffic has been during eid. We ordered Chicken Wings and Fries with Peri-Peri seasoning for us to share and iced-latte. My cousins preferred Cohere's coffee over Kopi Nako's as it's richer in coffee more than it is in milk. The wings and fries were pretty nice as well, not too special but it was pretty nice for sharing. Price range is around IDR 30.000-50.000 for appetizers and beverages, the place is also a comfy space for studying.

So this was how I spent my second day of eid, how did you spend yours? 
x Saras